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Tõrva turism

Thousands attend Estonia’s largest summer light festival Tõrva Tulede Öö (Tõrva Fire Night)

The event was the culmination of the Tõrva Tule-Päevad (Tõrva Fire Days) festival which took place for the fourth time and attracted around 10,000 visitors.

Date 26. Jul 2023
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Tõrva Fire Days 19-23.07

The culmination of the Fire Days will be the Tõrva Fire Night (Tõrva Tulede ÖÖ) when you can see unique light installations, live fire and special performers in the centre of Tõrva, on the light art and music trail that runs around Lake Veskijärv

Date 7. Jul 2023
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The European Sauna Marathon is back

The XII European Sauna Marathon will take place over two days in Otepää & Tõrva.

Date 13. Jan 2023
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Winter resort Tõrva: ski and snowmobile trails, water and sauna centers

The resort town of Tõrva has already found a place in the summer plans of many families, but the region is getting more and more popular also as a pleasant winter vacation destination.

Date 9. Dec 2022
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Tõrva Fire Days festival

It is well worth spending your end of July in Tõrva and its surrounding areas, because then is the time for the legendary Tõrva Fire Days (Tõrva Tule-Päevad). Five days filled with versatile cultural, sports and recreation events for young and old, big and small. It is the best time of the year when people of […]

Date 6. Jul 2022
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5-meter Zelenskyy sand sculpture built in Tõrva

Tõrvas on valmimas viiemeetrine liivaskulptuur, millel on kujutatud Ukraina presidenti Volodõmõr Zelenskõid osana kuulsast New Yorki Vabadussambast.

Date 23. May 2022
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Manor tour in Tõrva parish

There is no shortage of manors in Tõrva parish which is situated in the boundaries of historical Helme parish. A true lover of architecture and history will find some very unique manors to explore. Here we publish a list of manors located in Tõrva parish, some of which have unfortunately surrendered to the wear and […]

Date 9. May 2022
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Best hiking spots in Tõrva

Many Estonians are frantically looking for a way to get some fresh air in the wild. As a result, scenic places and hiking trails near big cities are often overcrowded. There is no such concern in Tõrva parish because we have an abundance of places with natural beauty, and even if some of them happen […]

Date 5. May 2022
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Holiday recommendation from Estonia’s best javelin thrower, Magnus Kirt!

Tõrva’s Magnus Kirt, the best Estonian javelin thrower, has vaulted his hometown to the global sports arena. Magnus probably doesn’t need a long introduction – a two-time Estonian male athlete of the year, Estonian record holder in javelin throw, winner of the 2018 European Championship bronze medal and silver medal from the 2019 World Championships. […]

Date 28. Apr 2022
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