Tõrva turism

Holiday recommendation from Estonia’s best javelin thrower, Magnus Kirt!

Tõrva’s Magnus Kirt, the best Estonian javelin thrower, has vaulted his hometown to the global sports arena. Magnus probably doesn’t need a long introduction – a two-time Estonian male athlete of the year, Estonian record holder in javelin throw, winner of the 2018 European Championship bronze medal and silver medal from the 2019 World Championships.

Magnus Kirt in Tõrva Veemõnula. Photo: Egon Bogdanov

Magnus spends a lot of time in his hometown Tõrva and he has some favourite places here to relax between training and competing. Right here is where his interest in sport was born.

“My favourite sport tracks are in Tõrva. It has all the possibilities to do sports in excellent conditions – the renovated stadium, Tõrva health trails winding between the natural sights and the water and sauna center Tõrva Veemõnula,” said the javelin thrower. “If you start making your way from Tõrva to Viljandi, there are beautiful places both in Tõrva and its surroundings. In my free time, I spend a lot of time enjoying the nature of Tõrva as this relaxes me the best. ”

Magnus Kirt

By the way – Magnus Kirt was one of the first to make a test visit to Tõrva Veemõnula, the local water and sauna center which opened in the summer of 2021!