Tõrva turism

Tõrva Fire Days 19-23.07

It is well worth spending your end of July in Tõrva and its surrounding areas, because then is the time for the legendary Tõrva Fire Days. Five days filled with versatile cultural, sports and recreation events for young and old, big and small.

This year the Tõrva Fire Days will take place 19th-23th of July. It contains the popular events and activities, already known to everyone – the bike ride night “Tõrva RattaÖÖ”, the Municipal nightclub, the family festival “Helme kandi päev” and the balance bikes race for kids.

The culmination of the Fire Days will be the Tõrva Fire Night (Tõrva Tulede ÖÖ) (22th of July) when you can see unique light installations, live fire and special performers in the centre of Tõrva, on the light art and music trail that runs around Lake Veskijärv. Tickets are available on Piletikeskus.


Tuesday, 18.07.2023
18.00 Summer Volle by Lake Riiska.
18.00 Tõrva Tuesday at Tõrva central square (with pre-registration, paid)
19.00 Summer piece “Hulkur Rasmus” in Koorküla manor park (paid)

Wednesday, 19.07.2023
11.00 SUP yoga on Lake Riiska (paid)
16.00 Youth beach party and SUP board competition by Lake Vanamõisa.
19.00 Summer piece “Hulkur Rasmus” in Koorküla manor park (paid)
22.00 IX Tõrva RattaÖÖ starting from the parking lot of Tõrva gymnasium

Thursday, 20.07.2023
16.00 Athletics day “Move with your child!” at Tõrva stadium
18.00 Peninuk drink-training at Tõrva central square (with pre-registration, paid)
19.00 Animal ecologist Tuul Sepp “Science stories from the sea, land and city” in Pub Juudas
20.00 Sunset concert-picnic with Pearu Paulus in the yard of Tõrva Veemõnula (paid)

Friday, 21.07.2023
8.00 Fair in Sõpruse Park
10.00 Open training at AT Spordiklubi
18.00 Madis Aesma’s music quiz in pub Juudas
19.00 Helme kandi päev (Anne Veski, Anne Loho and Hunt) (paid)
19.00 Recognition reception of the chairman of Tõrva municipal council and the mayor of Tõrva at the central square of Tõrva (with invitations)
21.00 Ans. Andur and Räpina Jack’s concert at Pub Juudas (paid)

Saturday, 22.07.2023
8.00 Fair in Sõpruse Park
8.00 Fishing sprint and competition “Tõrva Vooker” on Veskijärv
10.00 Lifeguards’ competition “Tõrva Challenge” at Tõrva central square
10.00 Tõrva municipality football championships at Tõrva stadium
11.00 Viking tours at Tõrva central square
11:00 Safety day at Tõrva central square
11.00 Tõrva Kalameeste Klubi casting competition
12.00 Kristi Ilves book presentation “Minu Mulgimaa” at Tõrva central square
12:00 Balance bikes race for kids for children on the central square of Tõrva
12.00 Children’s Challenge at Tõrva central square
14.00 Tõrva municipality football championships for adults at Tõrva stadium
15.00 Handing over of silver spoons to newborns at Tõrva central square (with invitations)
19.00 – 02.00 Tõrva Fire Night. Karl-Erik Taukar Band, Terminator, Freddy Tomingas & The Riff. Municipal night club or MÖK in the central square of Tõrva (paid)
22.00 Illuminated boat ride on Lake Veskijärv (paid, with pre-registration)

Sunday, 23.07.2023
11.00 Beach volleyball competition for mixed couples by Lake Riiska
11.00 Orienteering competition at Tõrva’s central square
15.00 Doubles disc-golf game on the Tõrva disc-golf course (paid)
15.00 Open saunas by Lake Riiska
17.00 Stage II of cross-country running at Tõrva gymnasium park

Tõrva Fire Night in 2022